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No company can exist without a site today, moreover, various sites are created – game, personal etc. If you have decided that site design is your main talks today, but you have not done something like this before, let us stop on some key moments:

  • Hosting – a service (site) for rendering computational capacities, where to locate your site, and it is constantly in the Internet network. That is why sites are constantly available at any point of the world.
  • Server – a special computer. It is tuned for constant uninterrupted site functioning.
  • Domain – a name of your site. For instance:
  • Content management system is called CMS. It is a special program, which allows managing the site content. It is also called the WMS (Web management system).
  • PHP – a special programming language used on servers.
  • HTML – a markup language used when creating web pages displayed in a web browser (for instance, Opera, Internet Explorer).
  • CSS – special formatting parameters, which are applied to web page elements. Aim – management of their location and appearance.
  • DB (database) - all mutually connected charts, which store the site information

What do you need to make your dream come true – to create a site? You can design the site independently using free CMS. The main privilege is that you implement site design for free.

You can write the site CMS manually in none of the programming languages. It can be implemented independently or look for specialist assistance. Such a way requires many resources – both time and material.

If you create an Internet shop, it is more convenient to buy paid management system. You will simplify the work significantly and save time.

Seo optimization – way to perfection

If you have selected one of the site creation methods, and now your site is ready, it is time to think about making your resource popular. You will not manage without seo optimization. What is seo in reality? It is what we already know – optimization in search engines. If only few people knew about seo optimization just 6 years ago, now this service is called-for in small and medium sized business, as well as the users themselves have started to apply this term in practice. Seo optimization is designed to raise the rating of your site in search engines. You can do it by looking through the respective information in the Network, and you can turn to specialists.

It is up to you how to make your dream come true. Do not forget that having one’s own website means keeping abreast of the times.

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