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Have you ever felt that your company is the only one without its own website? You say you don’t need it? You don’t know where to start from? You have talked to your neighbour, and he offered to create a website for you just for a tenner or two, while companies that are engaged in this business charge thousands? Have you thought about a website, still being in doubt as to what kind of a website you would like to have?

In order to dispel the obscurity among businessmen, the managing director of the company "Baltic Design Colors" Ltd. Igor Babich and project director Igor Suhinin comment on 14 most widely spread myths that might keep a businessman from making up his mind as to the creation of a website for his company.

Only large, well-known companies need a website.

Website is a great chance for everyone – both large and small companies, to establish their image and prestige, it is a nonreplaceable tool for influencing business favourably. A small company can also use its website for establishing successful customer service and providing information. Say, a small beauty saloon can develop its own customer data base and inform its customers on a regular basis about the new available services, price changes or offer on-line subscription for services, whereas a catering company can tell about new courses or special discounts, a sports center – to send its customers information on changes in workout schedules etc. There is no connection between the size of a company and the need for a website.

A website should be created only when business has been fully developed, otherwise there will be nothing to tell about.

In fact, a website can be created both when the business is just started and when the business has been active already for a long time, but the idea of using also Internet options for developing it has emerged. The main thing here is: you must know why you need a website. In order to achieve a high quality result, you must clearly outline to the website developer its goal, but not the way to achieve it. It must be noted though that a good website developer will help to determine also the goals and tasks of the website to be created.

I don’t need a website, as I have lots of customers anyway.

The manager of a company, who thinks this way, has fixated. Of course, when the manager has a small, impersonal rural shop without even a name, and the manager has neither the wish, nor ideas for further progression, he does not need a website either. Most likely, he does not think about development, promotion, and it is a business without future. A businessman who intends to develop his business and to offer goods or services to his customers after a year or ten as well, certainly needs a website - and the sooner, the better: competitors may get ahead and be the first ones to gain the probable increase in customer number by means of Internet.

I don’t need a website, since I advertise on TV and in press.

No matter how effective the advertising in press, television and radio is, it is wrong to miss the oppurtunities offered by Internet in modern information era. When your phone number or address are mentioned on television, customer may forget it, a newspaper with your add may also get lost, whereas on Internet the name and contact information of your company can be found any time, even in the dead of night, therefore customers can search for your profile and find it there day and night.

Customers will not choose my company by judging its website, but by judging its portfolio.

Increasingly more frequently the providers of customer services are searched by means of Internet. Just imagine: you need, for example, some constructor and you open websites of two companies. One of them is visually appealing, interesting and you can find there the necessary information, besides you get so carried away by browsing it, that you read even more than you initially needed. The other company has a website containing out-of-date contact information, texts with errors, besides the information is neither easy to find nor to read. Most likely, you will prefer the first service provider, as its image is considerably more appealing than that of competitor’s.

Websites are easy to create. In order to save money, this job can be entrusted even to a schoolboy.

A schoolboy can create a website too, of course, still you must be aware of the goal for creating a website – what exactly do you wish to achieve? If it is going to be just an informative website having no extra options or very limited ones, a schoolboy could then cope with it. Unfortunately, the experience indicates that website created by nonpros are obviously of a lower quality, and the customer often regrets his choice. The following comparison would be relevant here – soccer is played by both schoolboys and professional teams. Who is better at this? Therefore it is up to you to make a decision as to what level of service you would like to benfit from. But you cannot expect something in return and benefits from a website if you have invested little in it.

It will take a very long time until potential customers will learn about the website.

It depends from the owner of a website, how soon his customers will learn about the website. Display banners on other websites, promote your website on Internet search engines, print its link also on business cards and goods, tell your customers about it – all this will influence the outcome. Experience shows that a website can attract customers very quickly when handled properly, besides the yield is quick.

When needed, a website can be created within a very short time – even within a working day.

A high quality website can never be created within one day, even not within a couple of weeks.

When our company is well-known in its field, there will be nothing bad if we will have a very simple website.

A website can be very simple, still it must not be plain or low-grade. A website characterizes the company itself and indicates how much the company respects itself. When a website is low-grade, your image will fail, and this may influence your business very negatively. Therefore the style, design, information and provided options of the website must be considered very carefully. Unfortunately, there are cases when even large companies handle their websites carelessly, for example, by placing information containing printing errors. It must be remembered, that you create and maintain your website in order to improve the image of your company and to make its name recognized, instead of disparaging yourself!

It will be very hard for me to create a website, as I do not know what kind of a website I would like to have.

It is enough for a businessman just to be aware that his company needs its own website. There is no need to figure out in advance, what exactly you would like it to be, you just need to express your demands to the expert. Then it is up to the experts, how it will look like, what to put in it and what extra options will be offered to customers. In case you come to the providers of your website and they ask you to draw or show the end-product that you would like to receive, then, most likely, you have not met the right experts.

A website provider, who asks little, but instantly offers several possible versions, is a good website provider.

It is impossible to offer any versions without knowing as much as possible about the company itself. A good website provider will ask many questions prior to offering draft designs. Besides, it must be noted, that you will have to provide information for the website yourself. Yes, some expert can write it for you, but you will need to tell him what to write anyway. Unfortunately, it happens frequently that the website is already technically completed, but the customer can not provide any information to put in it. The work on the website is over after experts have completed its creation.

The work on the website is over after experts have completed its creation.

When allocating a budget for website creation, it must be taken into account that it must not be merely created, but also optimized and maintained. The promotion of a website includes advertising campaigns on Internet and putting it in the search engines of the Web. The number of website visitors, changes in the frequency of visits must be, of course, traced and the yield from advertisements must be analysed (for instance, banners) etc. As for the website maintainance, it must be remembered, that the information in it must be updated on regular basis. There can be nothing worse than to open a website in March, 2007 and see that the section “News” contains a piece of news on some event back from year 2005. Businessman must be aware, that a website can replace one or even several people by providing information to customers and answering their questions, still the company will need to have a person or a team of people within the company who will take care of the website and its contents on daily basis, even if it has entrusted the maintainance and update of information to some company. It must be noted here, that the range of services and design support must be provided periodically along with the update of information. When a website is created by experts, a powerful and stable development of the website is ensured.

The owners of the website must be pleased with the website in the first place.

The owner has to listen attentively to the suggestions and judgements of experts. The customers must be pleased with the website in the first place, not the owner. Therefore good specialists must be found to create the website, and you must trust them instead of sticking to your ideas stubbornly. You do not tell your doctor before the operation that you want to have a larger dose of narcosis, do you? You just want it, and that’s it! Aircraft passengers never come up to the pilot telling him that they wish the aircraft fly around that cloud there and to descend and fly above the roofs of buildings for a while. Everybody has their own job to do.

A website does not need the option for customers to leave their comments on the goods or services offered by the company.

Many businessmen, in fact, think that such comments do only harm. However, it is a unique chance to demonstrate that the company is concerned about the feelings and opinions of its customers. Besides, the company can this way gain a feedback: to find out, what its customers like and dislike. Do you not want your goods or services to be good? Then you need to know what is your customers’ opinion about them!

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