Website design. Simple, but bad mistakes

New sites in the Internet are designed with unbelievable intensity. This process does not stop for more than ten years. It seems that site design must have gone to the perfect level of quality during this period of time, giving convenient and nice resources to the users. Still, like the practice shows, the modern web design is very far from the perfect one.

There are a number of design mistakes leading to the moment when it becomes inconvenient to use the site. Let us consider the basic.

  • The site design with incorrectly selected fonts is the unbeaten leader of hit parade of problems. Such resources irritate the visitors the most. It is very difficult to read, if, for instance, the font color almost does not differ from the page background. The letters in such case are virtually not seen – it strains the vision. The same refers to small text.
  • Non-standard link design. A person making the site design can design the links the way he thinks it fits the best and not the way it should be. Due to this, site visitors are made to fell some inconveniences when using links to go to different pages. Correct design of the link – marked with other color and underlined. Besides, it is desirable to mark the visited links, as well as to give short information to the visitor in relation to the page he is going to visit. It is not worth to open the page in a new window when going to it, because it irritates many visitors.
  • Many do not like the flash. Web design performed applying this technology is not always convenient in use. It is more probable in such a resource to face problems with one or more page elements.
  • Information on page. Surfing in the Internet space, the user is always in search of interesting and useful information. If he will get on the resource, where openly low-quality text will be placed, he will just leave the site and will not have any wish to return there anymore. Besides, the text placed on the page must be not only substantial, but also compact, i.e., small-size. People will be either too lazy to read large texts or will have no time to do it.
  • Search. Performing site design, this function is often forgotten at all. For nothing. If large amount of content is placed on the resource, it is very difficult to find the required information without a search engine. The search window must be present with no doubt.

The list presented here is far away from the full list of problems making visitors’ work with the site difficult. However, these problems are not disastrous and they are easily eliminated by an experienced site developer.

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