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When you search for something in some search engine, most probably, you rarely go farther than the first page to get results. Search engines, solving the distribution of the first, the second and the last place among the websites, consider internal and external factors. The internal factors are connected with the website content, and the external - with the quality of links to your web resource from other sites.

Site optimization is meant to solve a task how to increase the attractiveness of site content for different search engines. All of them function by similar principles and it is not mandatory to try optimizing the site similar to Google or Yandex. Site optimization can be implemented independently, but specialists, of course, will manage to do this work better and make your site get the highest results in search engines.

Seo optimization – basic principles

For the past years, the work principles, according to which site optimization is functioning, have been completely determined. First of all, this is determination of site’s semantic kernel. This item is implemented on the basis of data on activity, tasks and aims of site’s owner. Seo internal optimization includes search of the required designer solutions for the web resource. Illustrations and graphic elements are processed using the technologies Flash and Java Script.

Website optimization means organization of internal reference resource structure. The following is analyzed:

  • nature and number of links
  • location of links
  • content of links

text of the page they are leading to is evaluated.

According to the semantic kernel, seo optimization includes correction of site’s content. This is one of the main stages because being an interesting content complying with the aims and tasks of the resource it can attract new customers; so, poorly though-out content will push away both the customers and the search engines.

Site optimization means correction of site structure. For instance, the site has a difficult menu, unreadable font, confused navigation – this all creates difficulties in search of the necessary information, as well as does not facilitate the „love” of search engines towards the present resource. Сео optimizers will correct the structure and will make it nice.

Finally, services of optimization provide for correct site indexation by search engines. It is not worth indexing definite sections of the site – they are singled out in a special group. The server will get ready for processing of transfers to the site by mistake.

If you select a company, which works in the sector of site optimization for a long time and has good rates in this direction, your web resource will take the leading positions in all search systems very soon.

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