What is the price of a logotype?

Logotype – a very important element of company’s visual image, one of the factors of its success or failures

Changes of the logotype often bear a new stage of company’s activity; however, such changes might be risky due to their high prices and novelty, which probably will not facilitate the company’s recognizability and success. For instance, the company Nike uses the old good symbol thus far; its creation cost only 35 USA dollars to it. The company Pepsi invested million dollars into the re-branding a few years ago.

  • Logotype of the Irish consulting company Accenture costs 100 million dollars
  • Logotype of Pepsi costs million dollars. Authors – a group of designers Arnell Group
  • Logotype of the company Nike was created in 1975, it costs only 35 dollars. True, the company granted its share fraction to its author later, which cost 600 thousand USA dollars
  • Logotype of Coca–Cola costs nothing at all. This is only a name of refreshing drink written in style that was popular in the USA in the century before the last
  • Logotype of the company Next. Author - Paul Rand. Value - 100 thousand dollars
  • Finance company ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group) paid 15 million dollars for a new logotype
  • Logotype of BP (previously British Petroleum) costs 211 million USA dollars
  • Logotype of the London Olympiad. Price - 625 thousand dollars. Author – house of Wolff Ollins design
  • Social network Twitter changed three logotypes already for its not very long history; and the famous bird was firstly invented by Simon Oxley in 2009 for 15 million USA dollars
  • The new logotype of the information corporation ВВС was created in 1997 and costs 1,8 million USA dollars
  • Logotype of the American energy company Enron was drawn by the graphic artist Paul Rand for 33 thousand dollars who served such companies like IBM, UPS, Ford
  • Google paid nothing for creation of its logotype. It was created by one of the founders of the company – Sergey Brin - in 1998, and just slight changes have been made in it since then
  • Logotype of the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014; its price - 95 thousand USA dollars
  • Logotype of the Australia’s city Melbourne cost 625 thousand USA dollars

text of the page they are leading to is evaluated.

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Site optimization means correction of site structure. For instance, the site has a difficult menu, unreadable font, confused navigation – this all creates difficulties in search of the necessary information, as well as does not facilitate the „love” of search engines towards the present resource. Сео optimizers will correct the structure and will make it nice.

Finally, services of optimization provide for correct site indexation by search engines. It is not worth indexing definite sections of the site – they are singled out in a special group. The server will get ready for processing of transfers to the site by mistake.

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