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AS Spectrum deals with selling of lighting equipment to legal and physical persons. Services relating to lighting: provision of electric installation works, replacement of lamps and lighting fixtures, consultations regarding the energy and electricity saving, lighting design and calculation of lighting taking into account the saving of electricity, consultations on applying LED lighting technologies.


To develop the convenient and respectable website that will allow placing order of products through internet. To dispose specifications indicating the technical characteristics of lighting equipment. Creation of the new website shall facilitate the contact between the company and its customers.


For solution of this task it was necessary to develop the website with unique and respectable design. In addition to classical background design the website is supplemented with bright photographs that are meant for illustration of each section of services. As a result company Spectrum has obtained an ideal marketing tool that allows the company to stand out from others to attract customers and to increase its share on market.

The precisely thought-out structure of the catalogue will allow visitors to find rapidly the necessary product, to get information regarding the technical characteristics and to place an order. The website is specifically programmed considering the requirements of SEO-promotion, thus enabling to make it visible for search engine systems and to increase the number of targeted visitors.

Website creation for Spectrum
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Website creation for Spectrum
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