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Strategy of promotion of your business on-line!

How do your customers find your website? People are searching for something they need just now and our task is to bring them directly to you. The sales promotion is a complex of means and measures providing the growth of sales through the website. We create a special strategy for each customer to attract the clients and the formula of such strategy is prepared by our best specialists – the optimizers, software developers, advertising specialists and copywriters.

We are using only the honest and legal methods of work. We are using such advertising instruments as search engine optimization, contextual advertising and banner advertising. Our task is to work for your sales growth.

Our specialists have a great experience in the search engine optimization for different themes. We are ready to offer different schemes of cooperation considering your budget. We guarantee that you will get a targeted traffic.

  • Personal project manager
  • Report s on materials
  • Data on attracted traffic
  • Certified specialists
  • Technical maintenance team
  • A number of successfully completed projects

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  • Website creation for Sportima

    September 2012

    The best fitness club in the Baltic Sportima has been opened on April 11, 2004. The work has begun since that day, thanks to which we have become not only a friendly team, but we have become like-minded persons.

    Website creation for Sportima
  • Website creation for Dr Kremnev Clinic

    September 2012

    Website creation for Dr Kremnev Clinic
  • Website creation for GSM Standart

    June, 2012

    The company "New Line" for more than 10 years is engaged in the business of wholesale mobile phones and various accessories for them, as well as international calls. By providing their customers only high quality products and services, “Новая линия " (New Line) steadily is ahead of the competition.

    Website creation for GSM Standart
  • Website development for Tiropa

    June, 2012

    Tiropa is a company working in the field of international freight to Europe. The geography of the company extends from southern Spain and Italy to the Asian part of Russian Federation. While at maximum developing the logistics processes, Tiropa ensures the compliance with deadlines and high quality of freight delivery.

    Website development for Tiropa
  • Website development for Vivasan

    March, 2012

    The company Vivasan is the general agent of the largest Swiss companies – the manufacturers of a wide range of plant-based products in the international market. These are creams on medicinal herbs, essential oils, means of body care and hair care, cosmetics, dietary supplements to foods, etc. The company Vivasan is working according to the system of multilevel marketing.

    Website development for Vivasan
  • Constanta Inc. website creation

    July, 2012

    Priority directions of company Constanta Inc. are the accounting and legal services. The company provides a full range of services in these areas and ensures professional development of any projects, the legal support in almost all areas of legislation of Latvia.

    Constanta Inc. website creation

Why Baltic Design Colors?

  • We are experienced and reliable

    Our professional certified team has an experience in developing complicated promotional campaigns. Many well-known companies have already been using our services. You can also be among them.

  • We establish the maximum possible traffic and guarantee its delivery.

  • Updating of semantic core

    We are constantly selecting the best key words and improving the semantic core of website enquiries in order to get the most valued visitors.

  • No long-term contracts

    You will define by yourself the frequency of contract extension. We are not forcing our customers to pay for passive results – only for the period of active work.



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