Social Marketing

Social Marketing (SMO)

Probably you have already heard that marketing in social media is a breakthrough and up-to-the-minute method of attracting consumers’ attention. Maybe you have tried to get your own accounts in Twitter and Facebook and network the news of the company. But you do not know how to turn corporative pages into a source of buyers and space for communication?

Social media – it is not a visit card of the company. Social media – it is a new way to the target audience.

What can social networks give us?

  • Brand fans. People express their love and acknowledgment to your company in the local networks in the simplest ways than they do it in official references.
  • Channel for non-formal communication with audience. A chance to learn directly about the qualities and shortcomings of your goods and services. A space for quick resolution of disputable situations and answers to the visitors’ questions.
  • Channel for communication with journalists. Present them not only formal press releases, but also reportages from the company’s life.
  • Content for SEO-promotion. Modern algorithms of search engines give more and more importance to the links from the social networks. Be the first to use it, while your business rivals beat their brains out regarding their corporative WEB sites.
  • Mini WEB site for non-formal actions. Small actions and contests for attraction of attention to the company without creating a separate WEB site.
  • Opinion managing. Consumers trust to living references much more than to the advertising. Manage the references, add the required ones, form audience loyal to you.
  • News discussion. Valuable opinions about your company’s activity.

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Why Baltic Design Colors?

  • Personal manager of your accounts

    Management of your brand’s social marketing is in hands of one marketing analyst. General concept of presence and promotion, as well as operative cutoff by the current parameters in different networks.

  • Use of up-to-the-minute instruments of social media

    If new possibilities in the old networks will be born tomorrow— your account will be already using them the day after tomorrow.

  • Efficient work in liaison “Internet-advertising + promotion in social networks

    Planning of support of actions and news through the social networks, competent work with audience through various channels simultaneously.



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