Skapat ny webbplats för CSC Telecom

The company CSC Telecom, founded in 1998, services about 200 million minutes of traffic in a year. CSC Telecom is one of the major telecommunication operators in the Baltic States and in Scandinavia, the only operator on the territory of three Baltic States – Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, – which has all the necessary licenses.


Creating the site of the Latvian representative office of the company CSC Telecom, which will easily and accessibly offer absolutely all the necessary information about the company, its services and production, as well as serve as the one of the most significant means of formation of the image of a serious company.


Our specialists have executed a big complex of works for the solution of the assigned tasks.

Unique, modern and impressive design, easy-to-use and simple navigation through the sections, quick access to any page – this all creates just positive emotions for the site visitor, who easily transforms into an interested customer.

Remarkable design and well thought-out interface – these are not the only important elements of the corporate site. The main task of any site is to offer information, besides, it is extremely important to make such information interesting and memorable. Keeping it in mind, we offered our services of copywriting and rewrote almost all texts of the site so that they could become maximum easy and understandable to any visitor and could cause his desire for using the services of CSC Telecom.

A professional site control system “1С-Bitrix”, which is provided for creation and successful development of corporate sites, has been chosen to be the program platform for the site.

We are the official business partners of “1С-Bitrix” in Latvia, and our specialists have great experience in development of Web-projects on the basis of the products of “1С-Bitrix”, that is why in the result of our work the company CSC Telecom has received a great site, which works constantly and is stable, and gives fixed return to its owners.

Skapat ny webbplats för CSC Telecom
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