Skapat ny webbplats för BESTurs

The creation of the website for the travel agency BESTurs has been accomplished. Travel agency BESTurs offers tours to Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Greece and other travel destinations.

It is generally known that websites of travel agencies often require a great amount of different textual and graphical information to be placed, this includes both descriptions of services provided and hot offers, as well as more detailed feedback on countries, resorts, tours a.o. This task has been successfully accomplished by means of a smart interface, navigation and visually attractive design of the website.

The new website is entirely created by using the most advanced technologies of the CSS web technologies and it fully complies with the programming standards of the global W3C consortium (World Wibe Web Consortium). This ensures maximum speed and faultless performance of the website accross different user browsers and provides also additional advantages for promoting the website in search engines.

Skapat ny webbplats för BESTurs
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