Utvecklat ny webbplats för Bestbrok

Corporate website development is completed for the company Bestbrok, specializing in providing consultations in investment operations at the Forex market.

The new version of the website is built upon the most advanced technologies in web-programming, including the following:

  1. the website is completely programmed according to the CSS technology, thus ensuring an ultimate download speed across search engines owing to the decrease of the load of website pages caused by the unnecessary programme code, providing additional advantages of the optimization of website search engines;
  2. the new version of the webite fully complies with the W3C (w3c.org) web site programming standards, providing a faultless functioning of the resource across multiple search engines, as well as positively affects indexation of the website across search engines.

The new website was intended for both attracting new customers and providing service for the existing customers of the company Bestbrok. Basing on such a purpose, two levels of website access were built – common access for all website visitors and an exclusive access for the existing customers of the company. Users that will be granted the exclusive access, will have certain additional resources as compared to the common users, for instance, a more comprehensive information on the operation at the Forex market, additional training aids a.o.

In order to enhance the interactivity of the website and attract extra audience by means of providing the on-line communication on the website, we offered and implemented the option of leaving comments on the company’s and the Forex market news, as well as on various analytical articles published by the staff of the company Bestbrok. Besides, the website users can always leave questions on the services provided by the company in a specifically developed inquiry form „Ask a question”.

The website users can subscribe for receiving news in order to have additional information on the current news at the Forex market, as well as on the new services provided by the company Bestbrok, this allowing to increase the audience service level.

The website is delivered to the specialists of the company Bestbrok for maintenance.

Utvecklat ny webbplats för Bestbrok
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