Utvecklat ny webbplats för Exin

Exin is a modern fashion clothes store. There is a wide assortment of different brands for real fashion clothes fans.


To present the old version of Exin store website so that it becomes possible to promote the website in search engine systems getting the highest return. In addition it is necessary to preserve the style solutions and concepts of the previous versions of website.


The website creation has mainly consisted of development of the new website basing on its last version that was performed using Adobe Flash technology. The website development was performed in accordance with contemporary world programming standards W3C. In addition all animation solutions of Flash version were preserved. Video section and news tape were added thus making the website more vivid and more saturated with information. As a result the website promotion of Exin store turns out to be extremely successful. According to number of key word requests the websites is the leader in its field.

Utvecklat ny webbplats för Exin
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Utvecklat ny webbplats för Exin
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