Utvecklat ny webbplats för TBS Travel

Company TBS provides a wide spectrum of services related to tourism.


Website development for attracting new clients and maintaining of information for regular clients about special offers of TBS company, as well as for provision of automation of several functions of company’s management and for time saving reducing the number of reiterative operations of staff.


The Website offers to use a huge catalogue consisting of extensive information about tourism routes and travelling options. Resorts, excursions, sightseeing, general useful information about the country – this all is available to website visitors.

The website development process includes also the creation of modulus for automatic publication of travel tour price lists from the biggest agencies such as Novatours and ALIDA.

The companies TBS website is connected to social network Twitter and Facebook, where also the special offers of the company are published. Now the website has turned into the efficient marketing tool. SEO-promotion facilitates the fact that the people themselves find the website in search engines, and the website, in its turn, facilitates the fast and qualitative servicing of each interested client.

Utvecklat ny webbplats för TBS Travel
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Utvecklat ny webbplats för TBS Travel
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