Skapat ny webbplats för CamelMobile

Camel Mobile Ltd is the operator of mobile and fixed communication company in Latvia. The company has its own numeration for both types of communication. The possibility to connect with numerous international operators provides the high quality of communication services.


The company needs to develop its individuality on the Latvian market. The website creation shall have to become a significant step on the way for reaching this goal. The next task is to provide the site great functional possibilities for more efficient operational work of Camel Mobile management.


The specialists of Baltic Design Colors started the development of individual corporate identity with colour selection. Our selected colour palette of soft and warm colour shades the most harmoniously matches the spirit of Camel Mobile. The logotype was developed in the same style. The company gives people the pleasure of communication therefore the positive orange colour is the most successful selection in this case. And if you look at Camel Mobile letterheads, business cards and envelopes then you will certainly recognize their similarity and compatibility with our reviewed conception.

The creation of the website was performed considering the great number of functional options. Now Camel Mobile customers have a chance to send SMS from their computers, to choose and to order a telephone number, to replenish their account balance directly from the website. The creation of a personal virtual office for the user envisages the option to view the call history data and the history of replenishment of the account balance. The last one option is very convenient for formation and calculation of telephone call expenses.

Skapat ny webbplats för CamelMobile
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