Skapat ny webbplats för EcoExpeditions

The Norway company Eco Expeditions works in the sphere of tourism. Within the competence of the company is the organization of exotic tours practically in all corners of the world.


To develop the website with the pronounced touristic concept that will emphasize all good qualities of the company. Eco Expeditions as the tourism bureau. The website shall include a well-thought structure and the interface shall provide maximum access, shall be easy-to-use and to understand. To perform the initial website optimization for promotion in search engines.


In order to reveal the main idea implemented by the tourism company, the specialists of Baltic Design Colors have created design with a central place for slide show consisting of large, expressive photographs. The photographs are replacing each other by embracing continents and climate zones. In this way the whole spectre of tourism routes are presented. With the help of this new website company Eco Expeditions has obtained new contact options with their regular clients. For example, it becomes possible to subscribe for news to be informed about new offers and happenings.

Skapat ny webbplats för EcoExpeditions
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Skapat ny webbplats för EcoExpeditions
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